Anti Static Flooring

We can install anti static flooring for your laboratory or clean room. It prevents a potentially dangerous build up of static that can cause flammable hazards.

Self Smoother Flooring

Our epoxy resin, self smoother flooring is hard wearing, visually appealing and chemically resistant- ideal for laboratories and clean rooms.

High Build Coatings

Consider our high build coatings. They come with an attractive gloss finish and are easy to clean. Where hygiene in a clean room is paramount, this system is very appropriate.

Pump Screed Flooring

View our pump screed flooring. It’s fast to install and can provide a smooth surface for any laboratory or clean room.

laboratory flooring


Our extensive range of flooring systems is suitable for any sterile environment. If you are in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry, we provide expert advice through every step of the project.

We have a range of technical brochures, and we provide dedicated aftercare for your business. You can keep your workplace decontaminated as our laboratory and hospital flooring is exceptionally easy to clean.

In many cases, a simple water wash or steam clean will keep the floor safe and hygienic. This flooring is also durable and can withstand stationary or moving equipment.



We are experts in commercial and industrial flooring based in Romsey, Hampshire. We survey and install laboratories and clean rooms and have more than three decades of experience.

We have extensive accreditation with Constructionline, SSIP, Builder’s Profile, and Safe Contractor for the comfort of our healthcare clients.

For your convenience, we are available all year long and can install on weekends and nights at times to suit your needs.






supermarket flooring

Retail & Supermarket

Our wide selection of decorative flooring systems are durable and versatile. We can install flooring that will give your consumers a comfortable retail shopping experience.

From independent shops to high street brands, we’ve worked with the retail and supermarket sector nationwide. We’re your go to flooring specialists.

hospitality floor


View our hospitality sector flooring. We source systems that combine visual appeal with full functionality- versatile for hospitality, laboratories, clean rooms and more.

Choose decorative or flake flooring for restaurants hotels and more. Our non slip surfaces are also designed to be high friction and keep all users of the building safe.

warehouse floor

Warehouse & Storage

We offer a wide range of systems for warehouses, including pump screed flooring and demarcation to direct personnel and vehicles. We have installed for many businesses by working with customers locally in Romsey and nationally.

Call us at 01794 885 996 or request a free quote for your warehouse or laboratory / clean room flooring today.

car workshop flooring


Consider our durable, slip resistant and colourful showroom flooring solutions. We’ve provided epoxy flooring with a glossy surface for well known vehicle manufacturers.

Our flooring products are long lasting. Flake flooring has the potential to draw more customers into your showroom with its stunning finish. We find the ideal systems for your project, whatever your industry.



Tommy Hilfiger: Epoxy Flake System

Tommy Hilfiger: Epoxy Flake System

Foster Refrigerator: Epoxy Flake Flooring System

Foster Refrigerator: Epoxy Flake Flooring System

Premier Panel Skills: Industrial Epoxy Resin

Premier Panel Skills: Industrial Epoxy Resin

Twickenham Fine Ales: Food Grade 6mm Screed

Twickenham Fine Ales: Food Grade 6mm Screed

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