Polyurethane Screed

We install impact resistant polyurethane screed flooring. As a top quality product, it’s chemical and heat resistant, ideal for workshops and factories. It easily supports forklifts or heavy wheeled traffic.

Pump Screed

If any of your workshop or factory flooring is damaged or uneven, consider our pump screed flooring. Built to last, this solution is hard wearing, durable and cost effective.

Demarcation & Line Marking

Looking for new or refurbishment factory flooring? Why not request a quote for line marking? In vibrant colours, it can display areas of any workshop and provide caution to staff.

High Build Coatings

Slip resistant flooring solutions like our high build coatings, and Mastergrip flooring can protect your workforce from hazards whilst any manufacturing in the factory takes place.

garage flooring


At Floortrak, we provide bespoke flooring for factories and warehouses all over the UK. You’ll need flooring that is strong, impact resistant and safe for high footfall. We’re industry specialists and can source the perfect system for your business needs.

If you have heavy manufacturing in your factory, ask us about our poly and pump screed flooring. Many of our products have non slip properties for safer walkways. We install bespoke flooring that can increase the efficiency of your workplace and last for many years to come.



We’re industrial factory flooring specialists and can cater to an extensive range of industries. We’ve installed for clients locally in Romsey, Hampshire, all the way north to Manchester and beyond. Choose us for quality products and decades of experience.

As part of our dedicated service to you, we’ll consult, survey, and install workshop and factory flooring at your convenience. We can offer competitive pricing for your business needs. With the comprehensive aftercare we’ll provide, we’re the only flooring installer you’ll ever need.






food grade flooring

Food & Food Preparation

We’ve worked with Waas Bakery, Peter Graden Foods, Wessex Country Gammons and many more food grade industries to install bespoke flooring for their business needs.

If you need hygienic, impact resistant flooring for your factory or brewing facility, get in contact with Floortrak today. We have offices all over the country to assist with localised needs.

supermarket flooring

Retail & Supermarket

Do you need decorative flooring that is suitable for retail and supermarkets with high footfall? At Floortrak, we install flooring that benefits your staff and customers.

View our PVC flake flooring, custom made to the shapes and colours you request. Our floor seals work just as well for a factory or workshop as they would for the retail sector.

aviation flooring


It’s important to choose the right flooring if you’re in the aviation industry. It must minimise injuries and accidents and provide a suitable foundation for the building.

You’ll also need a dedicated installer like us who can act as your consultant through every step of the process. Get in contact with us for any aviation or workshop and factory flooring you require.

laboratory flooring

Laboratory & Clean Room

Our laboratory and clean room flooring solutions work for hospitals, workshops, factories and more. These systems have non slip, chemical resistant and anti static properties.

For any areas where you are preparing chemicals daily, we can survey and ensure that you get the best flooring for your everyday needs.



Tommy Hilfiger: Epoxy Flake System

Tommy Hilfiger: Epoxy Flake System

Foster Refrigerator: Epoxy Flake Flooring System

Foster Refrigerator: Epoxy Flake Flooring System

Premier Panel Skills: Industrial Epoxy Resin

Premier Panel Skills: Industrial Epoxy Resin

Twickenham Fine Ales: Food Grade 6mm Screed

Twickenham Fine Ales: Food Grade 6mm Screed

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