Decorative & Flake

Transform your hospitality entrance or hallway with our decorative and flake flooring. It will create an accommodating entrance and make an impression.

Self Smoother

This self smoother flooring reduces scuff marks and chips that come with high footfall in hospitality. Update your hotel flooring with a quality product installed by experts.

Poly Coatings

Our poly coatings are not only light and chemical resistant, they are available in a wide range of colours. Request customisation that matches the character of your building.

Floor Seals

These floor seals are designed for easy upkeep and to prevent water ingress of concrete. With our versatile flooring solutions, your flooring will look great for many years to come.

decorative epoxy resin


In any hospitality environment, you would desire a floor that brings life and character without compromising on performance. Our flooring for restaurants, hotels and bars not only looks great, but it can support a high volume of traffic.

Our systems are also very hygienic. Easy to clean, Floortrak hospitality flooring systems are designed for everyday convenience. Regular cleaning will help to keep our stunning hospitality flooring installations looking great throughout the business year.



We are flooring industry specialists based in Romsey, with over three decades of dedicated service to industries all over the UK. Serving nearly everyone, from hospitality to aviation, we can install the perfect flooring for your business needs.

We have wide availability throughout the year and can work around weekends and nights that are convenient for your schedule. Starting with your initial quote, we’ll consult your business and provide comprehensive aftercare. We’ll go above and beyond when it comes to customer service.







warehouse floor

Retail & Supermarket Flooring

Our hospitality decorative and flake flooring solutions work just as well for retail and supermarkets. With non slip surfaces, you can protect shoppers from trip hazards.

Many of our products are chemically resistant. Spillages will leave next to no impact on our durable flooring solutions. We’ve worked with a range of small shops and big names like Aldi all over the UK.

laboratory flooring

Laboratory & Clean Room

Looking for flooring that provides the highest level of chemical resistance? Consider our laboratory and clean room flooring.

Whether it’s hospitals or hospitality, we source the best products for quality installations. Our anti static flooring reduces a build up of electricity which can cause uncomfortable shocks and dangerous hazards.

aviation flooring


We’ve worked with airports and aircraft hangars to provide bespoke flooring for aviation.

Unlike hospitality, where aesthetics are essential, our systems for this sector offer a higher degree of chemical resistance. Our Skydrol resistant flooring is an example of how we can provide almost any industrial flooring type you desire.

food grade flooring

Food & Food Preparation

It’s important to keep your food or drink production area as clean and sterile as possible.

At Floortrak, we install food grade flooring for bakeries, dairies, brewing facilities, meat and fish processing and more. You’ll have some of the most hygienic flooring available on the market for food or hospitality when trading with us.

garage flooring

Workshop & Factory

We have heavy duty flooring solutions for workshops and factories. If you have containers or heavy machinery, our systems are high impact and built to last.

We also provide demarcation and line marking. You can use this to display pathways and guidance for your staff. From Romsey to nearly all areas of the country, we have offices for localised service.



Tommy Hilfiger: Epoxy Flake System

Tommy Hilfiger: Epoxy Flake System

Foster Refrigerator: Epoxy Flake Flooring System

Foster Refrigerator: Epoxy Flake Flooring System

Premier Panel Skills: Industrial Epoxy Resin

Premier Panel Skills: Industrial Epoxy Resin

Twickenham Fine Ales: Food Grade 6mm Screed

Twickenham Fine Ales: Food Grade 6mm Screed

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