Static Control

Our anti static industrial flooring solutions reduce the effects of unwanted static. It can reduce shocks that users of the building may encounter. It also prevents the risk of potential fire hazards.

Quick to Install

We can install our flow applied, anti static flooring rapidly. We have extensive availability and offices all over the country to assist with localised business needs.

Easy to Maintain

With regular polishing, our anti static flooring will maintain a smooth gloss finish. It’s also non dusting. Choose Floortrak as your expert installer today.

Range of Colours

Charcoal, Chelsea Blue, Dark Grey, Green, Mid Grey, Midnight Blue and Red options are available for our Pumaflow, anti static flooring. Every option is visually stunning.

laboratory flooring


This is a medium duty, flow applied floor solution that has efficient anti static properties. It is ideal for data centres and the IT industry. Certain other industries, such as laboratories and chemical manufacturers, require antic static flooring as a basic safety precaution.

If you are looking for flooring to address health and safety concerns in the workplace, choose us today. We will install your flooring with high standards of workmanship and communicate clearly through all stages of your project.



With over 30 years of experience working with a wide range of business sectors, we are experts in industrial flooring and offer a wide variety of installations and services.

Whether it is anti static flooring for laboratories or Skydrol resistant floors for aircraft hangars, we have it all.

There are numerous benefits to choosing us. We operate with a reliable team for every job we complete. In addition, as part of our commitment to excellence, we offer our clients dedicated aftercare.

Get a quote for anti static flooring from our Romsey experts today.






office flooring

Data Centres & IT

Our anti static flooring is ideal for data centres and IT, or anywhere your industry uses electronics on a daily basis. It’s a great solution to address all the necessary heath and safety measures.

Our solutions are also visually appealing and requestable in the colours of your choice.

laboratory flooring

Laboratory & Clean Room

For more reasons than to avoid simple static shocks, anti static flooring are essential for the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories.

Any workplace where there are flammable chemicals and materials needs to be appropriately risk assessed. Contact Floortrak at 01794 885 996 or learn more to discover our full range of dedicated services.

aviation flooring


We’ve worked with the aviation sector throughout the UK to provide the perfect floor installations. Our anti static flooring is very applicable to this workplace.

We provide risk assessment with every one of our jobs. If you’re looking for Skydrol resistant flooring, this is a service we also provide. Learn more here or request a free quote from us today.

garage flooring

Factories & Workshops

In Hampshire and around the UK, we have a great deal of expertise dealing with factories and warehouses. Our flooring solutions are beneficial for workplaces with forklift traffic and machines.

Anti static flooring can reduce the risk caused by any chemicals in this environment. We’re based in Romsey and have offices throughout the country to give our customers local service.



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