UV Stable

Our polyurethane coatings are light stable. Under any sunlight conditions, this film surface can resist harmful ultraviolet radiation. The gloss and colour will maintain an excellent standard throughout its life.

Sterile Finish

Fully tested, our poly coatings provide a smooth, sterile finish, making them the ideal solution for many different environments.

Chemically Resistant

These poly coatings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Use these as suitable flooring for any food or pharmaceutical industry where protection is necessary.

Range of Colours

Clear or coloured, there are plenty of poly coating options available for you to request. Transform an industrial or residential environment with our high quality flooring options.

poly coating


Polyurethane coatings are cutting edge flooring solutions. They are water and chemical resistant, and perfect for indoor or outdoor use in an industrial setting. They are also a great choice for the aviation sector.

We can apply this to a range of substrates including concrete, render, brick and marine plyboard. Besides excellent weather resistance, our poly coatings are completed with a hygienic, sterile finish. Our systems are building regulation compliant.



Our central office is based in the heart of Hampshire in Romsey. We have been the go to floor specialists for decades, providing everything from polyurethane coatings to pump screed for industrial businesses all over the UK. We know everything there is to know about resin flooring.

If you have had poly coatings installed before, or perhaps this is your first time, we can offer comprehensive advice for any of our floor systems. We are widely accredited and provide turnkey solutions for your business’ convenience. Call us at 01794 885 996 today.







food grade flooring

Food & Food Preparation

Work in food or food preparation? These poly coatings offer chemical resistance where you may have brewing or machinery where spillage might be a concern.

Choose Floortrak to install your new or refurbishment flooring to address health and safety for your business. We will fully survey your working environment before starting any work.

laboratory flooring

Laboratory & Clean Room

Chemicals found in laboratories and clean rooms need to have suitable flooring. Our poly coatings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, with a film surface designed to be robust.

Maintain a safe and hygienic pharmaceutical environment for your staff and all users of the building with our top quality poly coatings.

hospitality flooring


Beyond heavy duty environments, poly coatings can work for all manner of industries, including hospitality.

Hotels, cafes and all manner of businesses where you will have frequent footfall can benefit from durable and attractive poly coating flooring. We provide cost effective solutions for this sector all over the country.

supermarket flooring

Retail & Supermarket

For beautiful aesthetics as well as chemical resistance and high performance, choose our poly coatings today. They are a great flooring solution for the retail and supermarket industries.

A wide range of colours can bring visual appeal to your customers as they enter the building. They’ll also offer protection from any spillages that may occur.

poly coating


Do you have an aircraft hangar? Our poly coatings, as well as our Skydrol resistant flooring, offer chemical protection from hydraulic fluids used for aircraft.

We’ve installed for this sector before and can offer all the technical advice you’ll need. Choose Floortrak for the very best, and most versatile flooring solutions on the market today.



Tommy Hilfiger: Epoxy Flake System

Tommy Hilfiger: Epoxy Flake System

Foster Refrigerator: Epoxy Flake Flooring System

Foster Refrigerator: Epoxy Flake Flooring System

Premier Panel Skills: Industrial Epoxy Resin

Premier Panel Skills: Industrial Epoxy Resin

Twickenham Fine Ales: Food Grade 6mm Screed

Twickenham Fine Ales: Food Grade 6mm Screed

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