Vibrant Colour

Bring life to commercial and industrial flooring with our decorative options. An enormous range of BS 4800 or RAL colours is available at your request.

Bespoke Options

Choose eye popping and elegant styles that bring their own individual character to your flooring. Bespoke marble and 50/50 decorative flooring options can transform the room.

Fast Curing

Our decorative flooring options are quick to install. Our expert team will take your specifications, survey your building, and install flooring at your convenience.

Slip Resistant

We install decorative flooring that can also be slip resistant. Not only will your building look great, but you’ll also be protecting staff and visitors from any hazards.

decorative floor


We install decorative, two component 50 50 flooring. Our tasteful flooring designs are suitable for medium duty areas such as factories, workshops and warehouses as well as residential properties. There is almost no limit to what you can achieve with the right flooring.

Textured or smooth, decorative flooring can be customised to achieve stunning aesthetics. Make the right impression with your office or showroom as visitors enter the building. Our versatile flooring solutions come with mixed colour options, simply request a free quote from our team today.

decorative flooring


Looking for a high quality floor installation from industry experts? Choose Floortrak. We are industrial flooring specialists with over three decades of technical know how and experience with all manner of clients.

We have installed decorative flooring for both commercial and residential customers and offered turnkey solutions for industries of all kinds. If you wish to bring visual appeal with decorative flooring, we have the perfect systems for you.

Perhaps you need anti static or non slip flooring? Whatever your requirements, our friendly Romsey based team can assist you.






retail flooring

Retail & Supermarket

We’ve provided decorative flooring for retail & supermarkets. Besides looking stunning, this flooring can last for decades if maintained properly.

Wherever you are based in the UK, get in touch with us today for a free quote.

flake floor


RAL or BS 4800 colours in a wide range are available upon request. Wherever you want to impress your customers, a vehicle showroom will look fantastic with our eye catching decorative flooring.

All building occupants will benefit from increased security provided by the slip resistant features of our decorative flooring. Contact us at 01794 885 996 or online if you need any information.

warehouse flooring

Warehouses & Storage

This decorative flooring solution is versatile, waterproof and has high abrasion resistance. In this way, it’s perfect for the warehouse and storage industry.

Whilst maintaining a stunning visual appeal, this flooring is resistant to heavy loads and has a slip resistant surface. Choose some of the best industrial flooring available for your warehouse flooring.

decorative epoxy resin

Workshop & Factory

Our medium duty decorative flooring is ideal for places with a lot of foot or machine traffic. We provide high impact floor solutions for industries and workshops all around the UK.

In addition to this beautiful decorative flooring, we also supply heavy duty and pump screed systems that work just as well in this industry.



Tommy Hilfiger: Epoxy Flake System

Tommy Hilfiger: Epoxy Flake System

Foster Refrigerator: Epoxy Flake Flooring System

Foster Refrigerator: Epoxy Flake Flooring System

Premier Panel Skills: Industrial Epoxy Resin

Premier Panel Skills: Industrial Epoxy Resin

Twickenham Fine Ales: Food Grade 6mm Screed

Twickenham Fine Ales: Food Grade 6mm Screed

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