Pros And Cons of Epoxy Flooring

Here at Floortrak, our epoxy is sourced from the highest quality suppliers to ensure that we continue to deliver a full range of products at the very highest standard. Therefore, you may rest assured that your industrial flooring couldn’t be in the hands of anyone more capable than our epoxy flooring contractors. 

What Are The Advantages of Epoxy Flooring? 

When comparing other various flooring materials such as concrete, having epoxy resin flooring looks more attractive due to its brightening and noteworthy appearance. Whether being laid in a commercial or industrial setting, the smooth and even surface of epoxy flooring is one of its most appealing properties. As well as its appearance, its low maintenance is highly praised as it is easy to clean. Due to its composition, epoxy is highly resistant to spills and chemicals, with most spillages being easily wiped or mopped. 

Another benefit of epoxy is that it is easily customisable. This means that you are able to add a variety of features and designs to keep with the aesthetics of your property. The flooring can also be laid in a range of colours and added to various surfaces, making it an exceptional flooring surface to work with if you are looking for something more unique. Epoxy is also very damage resistant. This makes it very ideal for surfaces for sites with heavy traffic as very few things can damage an epoxy floor. Epoxy resin flooring is commonly found in car showrooms, factories and other industrial buildings for this very reason. 

What Are The Disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring?

The disadvantages of epoxy flooring is that whilst it is high in durability and can last a very long time, it will not withstand general wear and tear forever. Therefore it will eventually need to be re-laid when it reaches the end of its lifespan. Another issue with epoxy flooring is that when epoxy resin gets wet with specific contaminants such as oil, it becomes slippery. If your property is prone to oil spills or will be regularly wet or damp, epoxy flooring may become dangerous for workers. Therefore, it may not be the most suitable flooring choice for certain environments. 

Preparation for epoxy resin flooring is highly necessary. This is because the surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned and free of any spillages. It is also required to fill any cracks and treat any areas of damage on the floor. Once laid, epoxy resin coating can take several days to dry before an additional coat can be added. Some epoxy floors can take up to 10 days to cure; this can be significant downtime for your business if you need to use the space.

The most significant drawback of epoxy flooring is that it is notoriously difficult to remove once it has been laid. Removing epoxy flooring requires a significant investment in labour and tools to do it satisfactorily. Therefore, once you weigh in all the factors it takes when preparing to lay and its application time, it may not be worth removing. 

At Floortrak, we have an established reputation for the installation of durable and attractive flooring solutions for all sectors. Resin flooring is an excellent choice for all types of business – please do not hesitate to contact us on 01794 885 996 to discuss your requirements with a member of our team. 

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